Frequently Asked Questions

What does Nostos mean?

Nostos is a word describing a theme in Ancient Greek literature which roughly translates as a homecoming.

Nothing described better the feeling that I wanted to accompany my candles than returning home and finally having the freedom to relax after a long day than the concept of nostos (if a slightly less dramatic version!). As an Ancient Greek literature nerd, this word summed it up.

Nostos is often used in relation to The Odyssey; after decades fighting in the Trojan War, and battling his way home through numerous obstacles, our epic hero Odysseus manages to fight against the odds and make it home.

Quite simply, nostos describes an epic hero returning home and their journey to get there.

Morphologically, nostos translates to "return to light and life".

Is your packaging sustainable?
I use cardboard boxes and shredded cardboard or reused materials from my stock deliveries for packaging. I ask that my customers consider recycling their packaging or continue to reuse the non-recyclable packaging. 

CLP Labelling?
The label on your candle with an ingredients list and warnings is a CLP label. This stands for Classification, Labelling & Packaging. All candles should have this label to be fully compliant with British and EU regulations. This is a breakdown of any safety warnings that are associated with the fragrance within the candle, and some candles contain more warnings than others based on the ingredients. Whilst only a small quantity of fragrance is used in each candle, we strongly advise you to check your CLP label for any warnings that may be applicable to you. Any product containing chemical concentrations should have one of these labels which are unique to each product accompanying it. 

Are these candles safe?

Every type of candle has gone through thorough testing from start to end of their life. All raw materials are from trusted industry suppliers based in the UK. We are also fully insured. We also undertake random testing from batches of candles to ensure safety is ongoing. If you experience any problems with your candle and are concerned please contact us at

For any other questions please don't hesitate to contact us!

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