Planning the Year Ahead

After taking my first ever proper break from candlemaking since I started over the Christmas holidays, I've come back raring to go with plenty of ideas and plans for the year ahead. The last few months of 2021 gave me lots of ideas to work with, and set me up with some exciting possible opportunities for the year ahead.

Being a candlemaker is really only part of what I do. When you run a small business, you're head of marketing, social media, accounts, stock control, product design... everything really. I'll go into all these different roles in the future and how I feel about each of them, because whilst wearing different hats to do a day's work can be interesting and a great learning curve, I don't love them all! In the context of this blog though, my goals for Nostos Candles in 2022 fall into several of these different areas for sure.


My New Year's Resolutions

I don't always set New Year's resolutions, but this year I set some for myself and more importantly, of course, for Nostos.

For myself, these resolutions look like making the bed every morning and scheduling daily mindfulness practice. For Nostos, I'm hoping to write more blogs (see exactly what you're reading) and be more consistent with my social media content. Like many people, I really come and go with my social media updates, but I'm hoping to make use of scheduling apps like Hootsuite to help me.

Are seasonal candles staying?

I'll be bringing back my seasonal ranges with my Autumn Range from late August and my Festive Range from October. I'm likely keeping these the same with the possibility of a few changes.

Late March will also see the return of the popular Cinnamon Buns as a seasonal addition. Think Hot Cross Buns!

What's new?

I have so many new products planned.

I've been gathering a collection of new fragrances to begin testing in this quieter season which will be launched periodically throughout the year. Testing takes a few weeks to a few months for each new candle, so these will be staggered throughout the year, however I imagine 2022 will see approximately 15-20 new fragrances throughout the year in limited editions or to stay in the main range.

The most exciting development in my opinion is a new style of candle coming in the next few months. I've wanted to launch a second line of container candles since I started, but despite ordering and perusing many different styles of tin and jar, I couldn't find anything quite right. Until recently. In 2022, I will be beginning to release our core range in slightly larger amber glass jars, with silver metal lids. These look high-end, and as per our commitment to sustainable choices, are reyclable once the wax is removed including the lid. At the time of writing this, I have just finished making my first candles in them which are now curing in preparation to begin testing. These are Fresh Linen Sheets, a classic fragrance and a great place to start.

What events do I have lined up for the year ahead?

I'm really hoping to continue with market stalls this year, with a few currently pending. I'll be doing my first market stall in Edinburgh this year too at the end of this month- stay tuned for details!

You can stay updated on our market schedule on the Events page of the website or follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

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